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The Infinity Run

The Hi-Tec Liquid Mountaineers are back. Like every proper extreme sport, they now have their own video game. However, there’s a bit more to it. Whereas regular games are only about having fun, Hi-Tec takes it a step further. “The Infinity Run”, as the game is called, is actually is a unique and fun way to sell shoes. As far as we know, it is the world’s first “Game Webshop”.

CCCP is winning

After already winning a bronze Epica, a golden Spin Award, two silver ADCN Lamps and a OneShow interactive Pencil and being named ‘Best Viral Mockumentary’ at the AdAge Viral Video Awards, CCCP’s ‘Hi-Tec Liquid Mountaineering’ wins again. This time we racked up a bronze Lion at the Cannes Lions 2011.

Free Kempi

CCCP's documentary follows 20-year-old Jerrel Lloyd Kemperveen, alias KEMPI, living in a tough no-hope criminal environment as he tries to develop his career in the world of hiphop. Will he be drawn back into the criminal world he's trying to escape or will he succeed in making a name for himself


Dutch department store HEMA wanted to to let the whole world know about their brand new website. Instead of launching ‘just’ another viral film, we came up with something special, using the website itself as the viral.


HEMA department store wanted to increase sales for their school supplies. After our previous “Doodle” campaign, which focussed on scribbling out of boredom in class, we decided to use another common ‘hobby’ of school kids: cheating, or “spieken” in Dutch.


Holland’s favourite department store, HEMA, asked us to help get more customers to the store during Holland’s favourite holiday, “Sinterklaas” (St. Nicholas). The campaign we came up with revolved around Sinterklaas’ iconic hat, the “mijter”, or mitre. What did we do? We created the “Mini Mijter”.




CCCP is a creative production company and advertising agency where special TV formats are created, campaigns are developed and corporate films and video clips are made.

The company is founded and led by two childhood friends, Mattias Schut, Creative Director, and Eelco Keune, commercial director.

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